Secrets To Know When Joining Fish Table Online

Fish table online is the term used to refer to the extremely popular entertainment genre over the years. Online fish table games are always popular and warmly welcomed by players. When participating in fish tables online, most players are caught up in the world of entertainment full of fascination, graphics with extremely unique sound.


However, not all players get the full experience when participating in the online fish table. There are players who run out of capital after only 5 to 10 minutes. There are players who participate for many days and can still maintain and even earn extra bonuses. So what makes this difference? How players have applied methods to increase the probability of winning in the online fish table. The following article will help players clarify the above questions, the whole secret of the online fish table will be revealed!

Secret To Play Fish Table Online


1. Know the rules of the game

If all players just register accounts, recharge, buy bullets and fire bullets without any strategy, all will quickly lose. A player with a lot of experience in online fish tables will spend a lot of time studying the games like Ocean King 3 online real money. They will analyze how to win bets, specific tactics that are reasonable for themselves. After that, new players proceed to deposit a small amount, just enough to experience the game.


Players when participating in an online fish table first have to invest a lot of time. They need to find out which online casino allows them to join the fish table. Besides, they also have to know what creatures will be in each game, how much is the payout for each creature. How much money do players need to spend to buy bullets, how many bullets do they have to spend to kill a fish.


This information sounds simple but they take a lot of time for players. A lot of players do not learn first, they think that by participating, the experience will help them understand the game. However, players should remember that each bullet the player shoots is purchased with money. So if players do not patiently take the time to learn, players will very quickly run out of bets.

2. Playing with some money

If the player is joining the online fish table for the first time, the player should deposit a sufficient amount, or less than usual. That amount should only be enough to maintain the demo game, enough for them to have the most authentic experience. In other words, the amount should be just as much as the player can lose without hesitation.


For the first time, the player should try to kill as many fishes as possible. At the same time, players have to observe the pay rate of each type of fish, the number of bullets they need to spend to kill them. Once players have these two data sources, players will know for themselves which fish to aim for and which fish to ignore.

3. Good feature if targeting 

This is a feature available in all online fish table games. For this feature, the player is allowed to spin the barrel of a fixed gun on a target. Then the bullet from the barrel will ignore all other targets, only finding the previously set target even though it is moving. After the target is destroyed or leaves the screen, this feature will stop.


Players must be very skillful when using this feature. Thus, new players can kill fish quickly, accurately and without wasting bullets. Players must always remember that as soon as the bullet leaves the barrel, they will be charged. So any bullet fired, it must bring back the player’s bonus.


Players can hardly imagine how much money they have left if they look at the remaining coins displayed on the screen. That’s why they continued to fire their bullets enthusiastically until there were no coins left. By that time, it is too late and the player has no way to continue the game but to add more money to the account.

4. Never turn on auto feature

With this feature, players only need to turn the barrel to one side and discharge bullets continuously. This is the exact opposite of the “target lock” feature. The bullet when discharged will immediately explode if it touches any fish. Meanwhile on the screen the fishes continuously appear, there are fish species that if hit by 1 or 2 bullets are still not greatly affected, they still survive and move in groups. This makes players waste bullets, not available bonuses from big fish. This feature sounds useful at first, but is actually an online casino’s trick and only new players can use it.

5. Slow down the game again

 The bar in the fish table online is a psychological trick. If players pay attention, they will see when they discharge bullets continuously, they will fall into an excited state. The more bullets are fired, the more fish are killed and the updated bonus sounds get louder and louder. Players will be caught up in the rhythm of the sound, excited to fire bullets in the match even more. In fact, this is a mistake! When the player discharges bullets continuously, the player can kill many fish, but the amount of money they spend to buy bullets is equally large. It is very difficult for players to balance between the bonus received and the amount to buy bullets. If players keep shooting like that, the win rate will be very low. On the contrary, they will quickly run out of bets when chasing the sound speed of the game.

6. Take advantage of each bullet

Many strategies have mentioned the value of a bullet and encourage players to consider each time when firing. The best of the main tactics is to raise the useful rate of a bullet. Players must ensure that when the bullet is shot, it hits the fish, the fish that gets hit by the bullet will die and bring back the bonus. If the fish is hit by bullets but does not die and leaves the screen, the player has wasted bullets and bets. Of course this cannot be optimal to 100%, the more players improve this, the bigger they will win.

7. Manage player’s finances and time well

Regardless of whether the player participates in any form of entertainment, the player must also set up a financial and spending plan that is most reasonable. Players should not lose their temper, want to get their money back by participating more times, or get money from other sources to play.


In addition, the time to join the fish table online should only be free time, playing for entertainment and relaxation. Players should not neglect work, family or any other relationship because of the game.

Where Should Players Join Fish Table Online?

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